Conserve & Consume (2014-2017) is an innovation-project funded by the Research Council of Norway through the programme User-driven Research based Innovation (BIA).

Our objective is to design sustainable consumption services in ways that fulfil the desires of the great majority of consumers by the help of technology, mobile/handheld devices and social media.

Conserve & Consume services include:

Peer-to-peer sharing and product service systems, where users can share, rent, sell and buy products and services, challenging both traditional production and distribution channels, and business models to enhance resource efficiency;

After-sale services for environmentally damaging products: extending the life-cycle of products such as smartphones and tablets.


SkyLib provides a peer-to-peer sharing and peer-to-peer product service system, extending the life-cycle of consumables.

Snapsale is developing a global platform for publication of intentions to sell stuff. By developing a fundamentally new way for people to create, distribute and discover classified deals, Snapsale will simplify and potentially fundamentally change the market for used stuff.

Schibsted Vekst is part of Schibsted Media Group and invests in and manages a portfolio of fast growing digital companies. Schibsted Classified Media is the leading online classifieds company in Europe, and also has operations in several fast growing markets outside Europe, foremost in Asia and Latin America.

Greenphones provides an after-sale service where enterprises and consumers sell and buy smartphones and tablets. The market for telecom-products is driven by product providers pushing the latest models. The production of smartphones and tablets is extremely resource-demanding and the amount of electronic waste is getting higher every year, as technology changes and prices are lowering.

Bengler develops social and collaborative web services, and has over the last few years also created visualizations that help us see and explore patterns in data in ways that improve our ability to make sense of big data.

SINTEF is an independent research institute with state of the art competency on involvement of users in innovation and design processes. SINTEF will be responsible for the technical project leadership and the research activities on customer research/big data analysis, customer involvement, service concepts and innovative value propositions.

The University of Oslo (UiO), Department of Informatics, holds state of the art competency on the design of information systems, including ICT-based consumer services. The department is an important site of education in interaction and service design




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